What's Your Most Valuable Resource?


At youth, you sometimes feel you have an ocean of time on your hands to reach the top, build a business empire, or start a movement. The only way to do that is to start early … start informed … start focused.  

Just know this, with a burning desire and laser focus, it is possible to be the world’s best in almost any chosen field in 5-10 years. Arnold Schwarzenegger reached the top in three fields in his lifetime – bodybuilding, movies, and politics.


Fortunately, assuming you’re in your early-career, time is on your side, if you start now.

Spend focused time every-day learning, doing, and specializing in what you love. What will determine your success over the majority others is how long you stick with it.

Time is our most precious and valuable resource as it’s finite and always diminishing for each of us like a hourglass.

Just as a deep-rooted tall tree grows over time, success is built over time.

Don’t hurry – don’t pause.

Take your time to grow.

But keep at it every day.

Emerging-Tech Update

Gordon Moore observed in 1965 that - the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (IC) or microchip doubles about every two years, whereas its cost halves at the same time. This is widely regarded as Moore’s Law.

Growth of microprocessors has been exponential. And that's the pace of change now that's driving emerging technologies.

Another reason to keep thinking, planning, and working on your dreams every day.