Learners are Earners


Constant learning is the new oxygen. We keep learning – we survive.

But the question often is – learn what? “Follow your passion” hasn’t led the majority to wealth and fulfilment. The key is to identify and learn a skill that is rare and valuable – one you could keep exploring and developing for a long time ahead.

If your skill is rare and valuable, you will be ‘discovered’ – and you will be on your way!

As a rule-of-thumb, an hour-a-day for a few years can make you dominate your field and write your own cheque.

Emerging-Tech Update

If you were considering a career in creative-writing and blogging – think again!

AI is replacing writers, bloggers, and marketing-copy writers! A whole new family of AI-driven writing applications is pushing the boundaries of creative writing threatening the blogging and copy-writing professions! … Just to name a few AI-writing-applications … www.anyword.com/ www.writesonic.com/ or www.rytr.me/  

So, explore how you can use these to increase your own writing productivity at work or your creative projects.