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Future Careers Hub is dedicated to helping early- and mid-career individuals get:

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All the information you will ever need for success in your career and life is available on the internet. And mostly for free! But who has years and decades to trawl through the millions of websites, blogs, books, programs, and courses – for the most relevant career up-skilling resources!


That’s why Future Careers Hub brings together a selection of curated resources and top-rated programs – free and paid – on future careers and foundational life skills to help you build a grounded strong career and fulfilling life.



"AI will create a paradigm shift for humanity

... and it’s just starting!"

Hi, I am Rupak ... an urbanist by profession and a relentless enquirer on AI’s impact on urbanism, industries, and future careers.


My experience in strategic planning involving a range of disciplines has given me wide exposure to changing industries and most importantly, the growing impact of AI in industries, and consequently, emerging future careers.

I believe we are already facing the initial winds of a growing storm on the horizon – a storm called the AI Revolution, humanity’s 4th industrial revolution, and promising to be the ‘big daddy’ of them all. The World Economic Forum, The Economist, Financial Times, and McKinsey are already emphatic about this.

So, I really want to spread this urgent message and help early-career individuals, the curious Gen-Z, through this resourceful Future Careers Hub.

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