3-Step Guide to Selecting (or Re-validating) Your Career


Do you give your chosen career-path a critical evaluation sometimes? Or are you habitually getting on with your career ... without exploring the larger role and purpose that you were meant for?

We humans, are the only species to have the unique ability to use our minds to wonder about the purpose of our lives, our careers, more than just journeying through it instinctively, like all other animals.

Our highly-evolved human mind enables us to ponder and seek our purpose, our raison d'être – our reason to be, and choose our career-path accordingly.

Whether you are in your teens choosing your career, in your 20s laying your career-foundations, or in your 30s and 40s building your career, you’ll need to regularly ‘course-correct’ and re-validate your career-path ahead.

For choosing, re-validating, or exploring a career-change, the 3-Step Guide to Selecting Your Career will help you identify or re-validate your ideal career path influenced by your passion, skills, and market demand.

So, do that critical re-evaluation regularly.

In the Emerging-Tech Realm

Immersive - virtual - interactive - de-centralized - inter-connected.

The Metaverse!

Meta invested $10 billion to develop its Metaverse. Microsoft spent $70 billion acquiring an American video game holding company for it. Tommy Hilfiger organized one of the Metaverse’s first fashion shows. JP Morgan has set up the first Metaverse bank.  

Whatever you will be doing professionally in 5-10 years, you will be operating partly or majorly in the metaverse … so, might be the right time to start exploring how you can learn, create, and showcase your career and branding – initially on the internet (Web 2.0) …. and then later, in the metaverse.