Your 1st Rule of Money


Money-wise is career-wise.

Of the top 5 money-wise insights, the 1st and simplest rule of Money is … Pay Yourself First.  

For the majority, money is the means to meet their living and recreational expenses – with the leftover, if any, appropriated to savings.

The single most effective rule of money or personal finance is paying yourself first before spending on living expenses.

This is also the central theme of the timeless classic The Richest Man in Babylon by American author George Clason …. with its timeless lesson:  

A Part of All Your Earn is Yours to Keep

(This is a classic half-hour rendition of the story)


If you follow this one rule of Paying Yourself First, you would have taken good care of yourself financially …. for life. Plan on saving at least 10% of your salary and work it up gradually.